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I will work to eliminate the Michigan income tax to make us competitive. 

I want to help make Michigan an economic powerhouse again! Today we are competing with states that have half the cost of energy as we do. Cheap energy is crucial to manufacturing. When you can run a 20 ton stamping press or a plastic injection molding machine for half the cost in competing states, where do you think these manufacturers go? Weak legislators have let our Federal Government dictate the cost of energy increase in our state. We need strong leaders who will tell the Federal Government “No thanks… we got this covered on our own”. Michigan families deserve a better government. It’s not the government’s job to create jobs. It’s the government’s job to create a clear path for unburdened economic growth. I’ll work my tail off to make Michigan irresistible to manufacturing and economic growth so we can all see our grandchildren grow up and get jobs in Michigan.


Energy, energy, energy! Affordable energy is the key component to RE-build the foundation for manufacturing growth in Michigan. Manufacturing in China isn’t working. Nationwide, thousands of companies are pulling out of China. We need to make Michigan irresistible to them! The cost of energy is the biggest cost in manufacturing second to labor and equipment. 

Michigan had the opportunity to open up our energy market to more competition but we fell short on the votes to win. This time. In 2018 and beyond, our energy policy makers will have crucial decisions to make that will make or break our future. We are currently competing with several southern states that have almost half the energy cost as Michigan. If you’re in the plastic injection or stamping industry and you can run a 20 ton stamping press in Tennessee for a hundred dollars a day less than you can in Michigan, where are you going to do business? When your cost of profit can be pennies per part, you’re going to take advantage of every opportunity you can to make your business stronger! This is one of the reasons we have lost an estimated 1/2 to 3/4 million manufacturing jobs and another million jobs to support these manufacturing jobs. Imagine what Michigan would be like if we gained five million people instead of losing a million people over the last 30 years. Let’s do this!!



I’m 100% against common core.

I do not believe the federal government should play a role in our state education policy. Education is near and dear to my heart. As a student of both public and private school education, I have had the unique perspective of experiencing both. Since 1978, Michigan student enrollment is down 25 percent. This is due to increased private education enrollment and the loss of approximately 1.5 million people due to the loss of manufacturing jobs. 

Currently Michigan public education students perform among the bottom ten states in grades and key subjects. Even worse, we are dead last in terms of proficiency growth.

This is unacceptable. 

At the same time, we have increased public education spending to historic levels and are spending more than most states. Something is very wrong with education in our great state. More money is obviously not the solution. I believe we need drastic change. We owe it to our children and OUR future (because they are OUR future). 

I call it the “backpack full of cash” solution. Imagine if families could CHOOSE the best available education for their kids. Public schools, Charter schools or Private schools. Let’s try it for ten years! What have we got to lose? If our student’s grades and proficiency don’t significantly improve, we can scrap Schools of Choice and try something else. 



The cost and growth of government has far outpaced the MIchigan family median income level. 

During the last fifteen years, the Michigan Median Family Income level has essentially remained stagnant. Meanwhile, we have increased taxes and fees and have given Lansing a 2.5 – 5 percent annual raise. Imagine if your family had automatic, guaranteed increases in pay over the last fifteen years! 

The annual cost to run our state government is approximately $6,000 for every MAN, WOMAN and CHILD. This $6,000 is a hard, fixed cost to do business in Michigan. We are competing with states where this cost of government is much much less.  

I will work to eliminate the Michigan Income Tax to make us competitive.

Michigan is doing a little better but not “better enough”. We need to do something positively bold to compete with states in our region. Michigan has one of the highest tax burdens. We are competing with several states with NO income tax. These states are gaining billions of our wealth and hundreds of thousands of our citizens. It’s difficult to attract industry when our competition (surrounding states) have made drastic and innovative policy changes to make their states more appealing than Michigan. Instead of giving “tax holidays” and tax rebates to certain “hand-picked” companies and industries (film and battery), let’s give everyone in Michigan the same tax advantage! Creating a low-tax climate will lure additional businesses to Michigan, employ more people and provide additional (new) tax revenue. I believe government often gets in the way of free enterprise growth and if we’re not careful with the fine balance of prudent regulation, this will continue to slow job growth.



I’m against “corporate welfare” and “crony capitalism”. 

Currently, our state taxpayer-funded economic development corporation (department) is behaving like a double edged sword. These “sweet deals for the politically connected” that provide tax breaks to certain businesses while, in the same swing, created a tax “disadvantage” to others who are not on the receiving end of the government’s decision to give a competitor a “tax holiday”, government loan or just plain cash. Why should Michigan taxpayers flip the bill for new stadiums when the owner of the stadium is a billionaire and can easily afford to pay for it on their own? This “picking and choosing” done by elected or appointed government officials also create tremendous opportunity for impropriety (kick-backs and political favors). I don’t believe government officials should decide who and which businesses get picked to be the beneficiary of the government handout or tax break. I will never participate in or support any legislation where the government picks and chooses private-sector winners and losers. The free market (you and I) does that best.



Our roads can be fixed without taxing you more. We already pay enough.

Michigan’s infrastructure will soon face another crisis despite the tax increase passed against our will. We are sending Lansing more than enough money to maintain our roads. The problem is, we are not appropriating enough of this tax money dedicated to roads only. Additionally, we are currently using antiquated road building methods that may be cheaper in the short run but are more expensive in the long run. Our Department of Transportation needs new leadership that will be willing to use the new road technology to save us hundreds of millions in the future. We also need to get the federal government out of the way. In 2012, Michigan taxpayers sent just over 1 billion dollars to Washington DC. The federal government removed just over $200 million to pay for their bureaucracy and sent us back only $823 million. That is a bad deal. I estimate that in order to fund a future of stable infrastructure maintenance, future legislators will need to find a way to get another billion dollars into the Road Fund. I will never go to the voters for another tax or fee increase. We are sending Lansing more than enough money. Get this money from the 56 billion we are already sending to Lansing. Michigan families are taxed out. Michigan families have been forced to tighten their belts and I know Michigan government can do the same. We pay enough taxes. I will find ways to cut government waste before we ask our citizens for more hard-earned tax dollars.



I support a part-time legislature.

Michigan had a part-time legislation until 1963. Michigan is one of only four states with a full time legislature. Michigan and California are almost tied for first place for the number of laws and regulations created by their lawmakers. Michigan has over 30,000 laws on the books while California has almost 38,000 laws. Last year, our law makers were “in session” or working in Lansing a total of 93 days. We pay our state legislators almost a thousand dollars a day to represent us in Lansing! This is essentially part-time work with full-time pay. They also employ full time staffers and chiefs of staff. Another inherent problem with a full-time legislature is that it helps foster career politicians because the pay is so darn good. It also allows almost 24/7 access to special interest groups and lobbyists. I’d rather see our legislators spend the majority of the year and their time IN the district where they are accessible to their constituents not “speed dating” with Lansing lobbyists all day long! We need citizens who are willing to step out of the private sector, step into the public sector to serve, then step back into their private sector industry and let the next leader take their place.



I’ve got nothing to hide. I am a transparent person

My Facebook page is open to the public. You want to know more about me and what I stand for? Yep. It’s all there! If you elect me to serve you, my entire voting record including reasons for a Yea or Nay vote, will be posted online and on social media to be conveniently observed by all constituents.



The main reason you will vote for me on August 7th, 2018

The most important question to ask any conservative candidate is: ‘Will you ever vote to increase the size or scope of government?’ “My answer is unequivocally NO!” I’ve always been a fighter for our values and I’ve stood against the establishment without fear. You won’t see me asking politicians for endorsements and photo ops. The only endorsement I want is your endorsement in the voting booth on August 7th and November 6th 2018. There are many people that will want to protect the status quo in Lansing that will come out against me. I’m going to Lansing to help all of us drain the swamp from the inside. I won’t disappoint you and I will hold fast to our sacred values under all circumstances. I’m a bail bondsman. I’m a scrapper. I’m fearless and won’t be intimidated or pushed around by anyone. Send me to Lansing and WATCH me fight for you. We have important work to do.


Primary Election August 7th 2018