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I am a conservative who will not stray from core Republican platform principles. I will not disappoint you or let you down.

  • Lowering our cost of energy and cost of government to make Michigan irresistible to jobs
  • Return to a Part-Time Legislature (including part-time pay)
  • Free Market Healthcare Solutions
  • Repeal the State Income Tax
  • End Corporate Welfare Schemes
  • No New Taxes or Fees
  • No More Bailouts
  • End Prevailing Wage
  • Expand Schools of Choice
  • 100% Pro-Life
  • 100% 2nd Amendment
  • 100% Against Federal Common Core Curriculum

I want to help make Michigan an economic powerhouse again! Today we are competing with states that have half the cost of energy as we do. Cheap energy is crucial to manufacturing. When you can run a 20 ton stamping press or a plastic injection molding machine for half the cost in competing states, where do you think these manufacturers go? Weak legislators have let our Federal Government dictate the cost of energy increase in our state. We need strong leaders who will tell the Federal Government “No thanks… we got this covered on our own”. Michigan families deserve a better government. It’s not the government’s job to create jobs. It’s the government’s job to create a clear path for unburdened economic growth. I’ll work my tail off to make Michigan irresistible to manufacturing and economic growth so we can all see our grandchildren grow up and get jobs in Michigan.


I am a Platform Party Republican. This means I will always vote with our core Republican Party Values. I will not veer from these principles like many Republicans do.

What happens when Republican leaders vote against our core values? People get infuriated, frustrated and discouraged. I know. I’ve felt the same way and I’ve got a good inkling that you’ve been there before too. We’ve been doing this for over forty years and the conservative Republican message has been compromised, watered down and we’ve lost tens of millions of disenfranchised voters because we’ve failed to elect true Republicans. Thank God we are in the midst of a Conservative Revolution! With President Trump leading the way, we need to elect state leaders who have the strength and tenacity to be bold and push back against the status-quo. Send me to Lansing and watch me fight for you.

The problem is many of our leaders decide to be our leaders for all the wrong reasons.

Do our current leaders lack Integrity and honor? This is a difficult thing to talk about, only because not many candidates are willing to go here. America is craving strong leaders. For far too many years, we’ve been hoodwinked, deflated and felt abandoned. I’m not saying this to be negative. We all have to face the facts. Ego, pride, money, power and popularity are the wrong reasons to run for office. Too many politicians have a “what’s in it for me” set of standards.

“The difference between a politician and a statesman is that a politician fears man, while a statesman fears God” – John Adams.

It’s been a blessing to be encouraged by my friends and colleagues to pick up the torch to protect our conservative values. Unfortunately we have members of our own party that are not willing to hold to our core values. Somebody has to stand up to a Republican who is unwilling or unable to uphold the Republican Party Platform. I’m grounded in my faith, I’m rooted in this community and I’m steadfast in my conservative Republican values to ensure maximum prosperity for all Michigan citizens. I’m doing this because I’m able to make this commitment to you.


I stand with these new Republicans: Courageous, Patriotic men and women who value the Constitution.

I stand with these new Republicans: Courageous, patriotic men and women who value the Constitution and are willing to put country first and close the door on special interest groups, big businesses and big government lobbyists that are constantly seeking their attention.

I’m not asking you to send me to Lansing on August 7th, 2018 to make friends with everyone there. Over the last few years, conservative Republicans all over the nation have chosen the new principled “Trump” conservative voices over the elite Republican establishment. I’m a Trump Republican.


“Help me clear the path…..Michigan has lot’s of growing to do!”


Primary Election August 7th 2018