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I am a conservative who will not stray from core Republican platform principles. I will not disappoint you or let you down.

Why am I asking for your support to serve you in Lansing? Primarily to return the political process back to the people. For far too many years, we’ve elected politicians who campaign under the banner of “representing the people” but end up representing “the special interest groups and lobbyist” when they get to Lansing. They work for everyone else EXCEPT the people who elected them. I will always work and vote for families and workers first. I will always work to make government accountable with the valuable resources we give them. I will always represent the values outlined in our Republican Party Platform and our State and Federal Constitution. The same unique values that make America unique and the greatest nation in the world. I will hold steadfast and true to these values despite the pressure to waiver from them. I’m a fighter. I’m not afraid to go against the grain for those that elect me to serve them. I worked hard to elect President Trump and we need the same bold leadership at the state level. 

I am a Platform Party Republican. This means I will always vote the Republican Party Platform, no matter what. I will not veer from our core party principles and constitutional values.

Matt Maddock the Man

Matt is 51 and has been married for 23 years to his best friend Meshawn. They have three great kids, Gunther, Winsome, and Parker, and they have lived the last 17 years in Milford. Matt is a lifelong Oakland County resident, grew up in West Bloomfield and attended Orchard Lake St. Mary’s. Matt was inspired at an early age to enter the business world. He has been a small business owner for 27 years. He is the President of A-1 Bail Bonds, Michigan’s largest bail agency and has employed over 60 people. Matt is also a Licensed Private Detective.

Matt is a fighter and has always been an outspoken conservative leader going against the establishment. Most recently playing a pivotal role in organizing the grassroots (Trump Flashmobs, Walled Lake Trump Office, Republican Platform Statewide Tour) for a Michigan Trump victory. He is also a founding member of The Michigan Conservative Coalition. A growing, statewide organization leading the fight for conservative values in Michigan. He currently serves on the 11th Congressional District Majority Committee and is a member of the Oakland County Republican Party Executive Committee. Matt has also helped organize and build conservative Republican clubs across the state.

The Maddock family belongs to Cornerstone Highland Church and Matt drives a church bus for the Ignited teen and youth ministry. He is a member of the Oakland County Republican Party, the North Oakland Republican Club, the NRA, Gun Owners of America and the National Association for Gun Rights and a past board member of Citizens for Traditional Values and the current past President of the Michigan Professional Bail Agents Association. Matt loves Michigan! He enjoys pheasant and small game hunting, brook trout fishing, boating and snowmobiling. He is also a beekeeper and an avid backyard barn engineer!


Primary Election August 7th 2018