I want to help make Michigan an economic powerhouse again!

– Matt Maddock

D O N A T E     E N D O R S E - M A T T


Matt Maddock

Let’s Make Michigan Great Again!

We are living in perilous yet EXCITING times! What a combination! Government growth, debt, and spending are the largest threats to our economy, our safety, our liberty and our pursuit of happiness. Our only remedy is to reduce the size and scope of government, remove bureaucratic obstacles to economic growth and to force our government to perform MORE EFFICIENTLY AND EFFECTIVELY on the revenue it currently collects. Without taxing us more!

A Vote for Matt Maddock is a Vote to…

  • Lower Auto Insurance Rates
  • Reduce the State Income Tax
  • Fix our Roads

  • Lower the Cost of Electricity
  • End Corporate Welfare
  • Repeal the Pension Tax

I am honored to be the only candidate in the 44th House District race to earn the endorsement of Right to Life of Michigan. All life is precious and we must protect the unborn.

L E A R N - M O R E


I am a conservative who will not stray from core Republican platform principles. I will not disappoint you or let you down.

L E A R N - M O R E


There are many issues. Tell me what’s important to you.                         

L E A R N - M O R E

The 44th House District includes the following townships:


    • Highland 

    • White Lake 

    • Milford

    • Springfield

    • Southwest corner of  Waterford


We will gladly deliver a Matt Maddock yard sign to you as soon as they are in! Thank you!

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